ASICS Data Analysis

In 2017 the Japanese sportswear brand Asics released a very different and fresh, advertising campaign in attempts to tap into new markets. According Business Insider, “Asics America CEO Gene McCarthy, called the new initiative a ‘pivot point’ for the brand as it tries to speak more directly to American consumers.” The campaign called “I move me” aimed to not only gain attention in the US market, but also sought to attract more “mainstream appeal.” Prior to the campaign, customer data revealed that the brand is known for its running shoes. Asics found that 30% of the runners in New York City Marathon wear Aspics shoes, however the number of runners is decreasing. Business Insider said that only “2% of upper-income teens and 1% of average-income teens said that Asics was one of their favorite brands.”   Asics noted the current flooded space of “athletisure” in the US with the competitive brands such as Under Armour, Lululemon, and Amazon online. However the goal is a longterm impact on the brand. The new marketing targets the younger generation through mediums of digital marketing.




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