Final Project: Living Foods

I will create an event to raise awareness for the local wellness cafe Living Foods. Living Foods is one of my favorite healthy food options in Oxford. It is a small, welcoming,and family owned company. Although it has all the trendy food options in all things health/wellness, it is not a well known cafe. Living Foods is located outside the central downtown of Oxford. It is a small shop located on College Hill Rd, just behind Lamar Park. I am from Phoenix, Arizona a considerably “health aware” city. When I came to Ole Miss four years ago, I was shocked how few options there were for healthy eating. I want places like Living Foods to thrive, because Oxford needs more healthy options.

To increase the brand awareness of Living Foods, I will use update social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I will press that the updates are frequent, timely, and creative. Maybe through getting some athletes or “Oxford famous” people to eat there and post about their experience it will spark more traffic. Overall increased brand awareness of Living Foods is my goal.

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