Content Marketing Pitch Proposal

Client: Living Foods

Content Audit

  • Currently the social media presence is strong: Living Foods has close to 3,000 followers on both Instagram and Facebook
  • Based on the opinion of 62 people on Facebook 4.8 out of 5 people recommend Living Foods Oxford
  • Located on College Hill Road, is a health and wellness cafe, with a mission to bring truly unique, and delicious food to the Oxford community. The eatery provides healthy options, that are made out of real foods and ingredients. Restaurant owner, and mom Melody Sharp believes in preparing foods that are specialized for all diet types. Sharp began to educate herself about healthy alternatives, when her son was diagnosed with many food sensitivities.
  • When interviewed for Oxford Stories, Sharp explains her incentive behind learning about food ingredients. She goes on to say, “I learned a lot about food when my son was born six years ago,” she said. “He had a milk and protein allergy, so as a breastfeeding mom, I became an avid label reader.” Sharp created a menu that provided options for all diet types, and all stages in health. Since then the delicious eatery has become one of the healthiest places to eat in Oxford.
  • The Oxford eatery has a strong online presence with close to 3,000 follows on Facebook, and just under 3,000 follows on Instagram. Highlighted in there mission statement, and in the social media bio’s “Grab and Go” is a message the restaurant wants to send. Living foods has one location, located on 809 College Hill Road it is away from much of the hustle and bustle of campus and the Oxford square.
    • Due to the fast paced and convenience oriented age we live in, food trucks have become a popular trend on the Ole Miss campus. Some of the most popular options available are not the healthiest.
  • Strengths:
    • Offers truly unique and delicious foods
    • Variety of grab and go options
    • Strong social media presence
    • Aesthetically pleasing website
  •  Weaknesses:
    • Living Foods has no events scheduled
    • the location is not convenient for the busy college student
    • location is not well known
    • Away from campus and college students
  • Opportunities:
    • targeting college students
    • healthy options on campus
    • get the word out/location
      create awareness for healthy eating on the go
  • Threats:
    • Their competitor: Big Fast Food Chains
    •  Food trucks on the Ole Miss campus require at least 19,000 meals every day to be available
    • A small family owned business simply cannot produce the quantity every day
    • The cost and competition to enter into the food truck business is high.

The Campaign:

  • WELLNESS ON WHEELS: Life is busy. College is extra busy. Life+College= Failing diet, right? Wellness on Wheels tells a different story. The campaign would promote eating healthy on the go. What is it?
  • This campaign would kickstart in January of 2019.

Food Truck:

  • Living Foods would place their food truck on the Ole Miss campus at the beginning of the year, and pass out brochures about their location/mission.
  • The food truck would be on campus two times per semester.
  • Grab and go meals such as: fresh juices, and healthy lunch options would be available.
    • This campaign would reach college students looking to change their eating habits in 2019. The campaign would promote the #wellnessonwheels.
      • The hashtag will create overall brand awareness for Living Foods, and incentivize college students to choose healthy options.
      • #wellnessonwheels does not directly get students into the restaurant, but it does create an overall mindset and trend of healthy options in Oxford.

Selfie Competition with the Hashtag:

  • The campaign would include a selfie competition with the #wellnessonwheels.
    • An example of a selfie would be a student who packed their healthy chicken and vegetables the night before and brought it to the library to study the next day. People who receive the most likes from the selfies post with either meal prepped food/or on-the go healthy choice will get a Living Foods free meal.
      The Goal of this?

      • This would instill a positive awareness of eating healthy in college students and get the word out about Living Foods as well.
      • Maintaining a healthy diet on the go is hard, especially as a college student. Healthy options last minute are hard.

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