ASICS Brand Analysis

The ASICS 2016 ad campaign, Want it More encompassed the reason ASICS will always be one of my got-to brands. The ‘Want it More’ campaign provided an inspiring and motivational approach, through influencing all audiences to work hard and push themselves. The seemingly evident goal of this ad, is to encourage people of all ages and genders to pursue their passion.

The campaign video immediately grabs the audience’s attention with a bold
opening statement, “this is an open letter to anyone who wants to be an athlete.” The voiceover is a deep and tough sounding voice, that sets the tone for the intensity of the ads message… “If you want it more than sleep, if you want it more than all-night parties, if you want it more than likes, if you want it more than perfect hair, or cake … if you really want to be an athlete, just wanting it isn’t enough.” Want it More campaign calls out the stereotypical distractions that society allows to get in the way of their goals. ASICS inspires the everyday person to ask themselves “am I doing all I can to get better”?

Ironically the ad captures everything that comes to mind when I think of ASICS. A runner in the middle of the night, kids running through the grass, a boxer with taped hands and drenched in sweat… The ad screams lets get to work. As an athlete, comfort, durability, and reliability are qualities I seek in shoes. When I picture myself “getting to work” or in training I know the first thing I would grab are my ASCIS. As I call them there is nothing like “happy feet.”

Hard work in any part of life will include some wear and tear, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is comforting knowing that I can control one part of this process by what I put on my feet. One quote that I will always stick to is the Ben Franklin, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ASICS gives the public a chance to succeed. Personally I have noticed when working hard at one thing in my life through devoting my time, effort, and passion, those traits fall into other aspects of my life. You do not just automatically Want it More, you have to learn and train yourself to Want it More.

This 2016 campaign seeps into the human spirit, and seeks to address a passion within. No matter the blood, sweat, and tears, you just have to WANT IT MORE.

Content Marketing: TED

Content marketing is the latest approach of reaching a specific audience. In the digital era we live in, organizations have many different platforms options. Through content marketing, companies are able to create a more strategic, relevant, and consistent.

TED’s incorporation of content marketing, has paid off extensively. Blogger, Kelly Glista wrote an article, What TEDX Taught Me About Content Marketing. The article gives insight into how exactly TED has become such a successful form of content marketing, and the answer Glista gave captures this. Glista, “It’s not that the content isn’t compelling. It’s just that I have to find the right way to express it, for the right people.” This is exactly what content marketing is all about. It is not shoving an idea or product in your audience’s face. Studies show that the most effective marketing, and the way of the world now is content marketing.

“Your content may not interest everyone, but if you’re answering a question, solving a problem, or starting a conversation—and expressing it in the right way for the right people—it’s going to interest someone. “Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues” (ContentMarketing).


Nike Kaepernick Campaign

Nike’s controversial advertising decision to feature former NFL 49ers quarterback turned activist, Colin Kaepernick, gained a lot buzz and backlash this week. In the 30th anniversary version of its “Just Do It” ad campaign, Nike released image of Kaepernick’s face with the slogan: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” The ad gained very polarizing attention, some boycotting Nike-lighting their products on fire, while others praising Nike and Kaepernick. Some are calling the marketing move “genius”. USAToday said, “on social media, people who say they would never have considered buying Nike now are talking about moving to the brand.” Although I do not favor the political and controversial marketing approach the company took, I do foresee the campaign as an overall success for Nike.

It is quite clear that Nike aimed for the younger and liberal consumer in this ad, while considering the uproar conservatives would bring. According to,”Seventy-eight percent of respondents who self-identify as liberal want brands to take a stand, while just about half (52 percent) of respondents who self-identify as conservative feel the same,” Sprout Social found. In other words liberals want brands to speak out. The ad speaks to the younger generation, and according to, 67% of Nike’s customer base is younger than 35. In addition
The earned media Nike received was included in this decision as well. The ad reached people across so many platforms. Kaepernick is just shy of 2 million followers, and there were 2.7 million mentions of Nike over the previous 24 hours. The coverage Nike is widespread. “There have been more than 5.2 million social posts mentioning the brand in the past 72 hours according to social media.” Including “over the past seven days, social media mentions of Nike have increase $265%” (

This story represents the power that social media and coverage has in this digital age.

ASICS Data Analysis

In 2017 the Japanese sportswear brand Asics released a very different and fresh, advertising campaign in attempts to tap into new markets. According Business Insider, “Asics America CEO Gene McCarthy, called the new initiative a ‘pivot point’ for the brand as it tries to speak more directly to American consumers.” The campaign called “I move me” aimed to not only gain attention in the US market, but also sought to attract more “mainstream appeal.” Prior to the campaign, customer data revealed that the brand is known for its running shoes. Asics found that 30% of the runners in New York City Marathon wear Aspics shoes, however the number of runners is decreasing. Business Insider said that only “2% of upper-income teens and 1% of average-income teens said that Asics was one of their favorite brands.”   Asics noted the current flooded space of “athletisure” in the US with the competitive brands such as Under Armour, Lululemon, and Amazon online. However the goal is a longterm impact on the brand. The new marketing targets the younger generation through mediums of digital marketing.




Brand Analysis

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